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to choose between. It is very important to note that the Footprint is a chart, not a trading system. There are literally hundreds of unique patterns that traders have identified and give them an edge in the market. The Footprint is normally used to track volume at price and display how volume is entering the market and where the order flow is going. Below is a sampling of various pairs and different Footprint chart types. In the chart below, the cyan (aqua) Footprint within each bar highlights the most traded price. Buy/Sell Cluster Exhaustion, this particular pattern is only visible using an imbalance Footprint. It is a unique pattern only visible when seeing inside the chart with Footprints and can be used to initiate a trade or take profits. This works similar to using volume but instead uses trades at the bid and ask and creates Footprints.

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Here is a video describing this setup in more detail. We have noticed it is quite common to get 2, 3, or more back to back imbalance Footprints which often occur at the end of a bar. We are not saying this is a long term reversal pattern, however it could turn out to be the case. Trades instead of Volume. Learn more about setting MarketDelta up to trade forex here.

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