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of doing a lot of things the right way every time you interact with the market, and a Forex trading journal helps you do everything the right way every time you trade. The reality of Forex trading is that at some point on your journey of learning how to trade, you absolutely have to figure out a way to become a disciplined and organized trader, otherwise you simply will not become successful in the markets. Again, not exact for shorts. Creating and maintaining a Forex trading journal is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of professional Forex trading. Please Make a comment after reading this article and Click The Facebook Like Button, Pay it forward and share it around with other traders. Total P L: Sum of Column J (P L trade Just used for some calculations later. I just uploaded it to the server so feel kryptowährung vermehren free to snag a copy if youre interested. Read 18 Advantages of Forex Trading Compared To The Share Market. Well, actually there are 2 that you can download.

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Why do I need a Forex trading journal Nial? I publish every single week. Exit date: Date the trade closed. This is used by the next column, Sum W/L. Also, you will notice that if you take profits prematurely this greatly lowers your risk : reward ratio, and of course if you take a risk that is larger than what you had planned the same thing happens. At Work: This gives me an free forex robot trader idea of how much money was in the position. Setup: What was the setup / why did you take the trade? Total P/L: How much total money you made or lost on the trade. Initial Risk: Just tells me how far my stop was from my entry in percentage terms.

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